A dying world. Princesses. Monsters. Evil Priests. Monsters.

Before Tarzan was marooned in Africa, Edgar Rice Burroghs created a man from another world, who had to ability to leap over buildings, fight with inhuman strength, and the ability to bring together a world. His name was John Carter.

Long ago I worked with some other people to bring Barsoom to the Legends of the Old West skirmish rules. I enjoyed the project, but I always felt a little frustrated with the ruleset. It always felt a little bit like a forced fit, and there were other gaming concepts that I would much rather play. Now, Legends of the Old West is long discontinued, and the rules are getting harder to come by.

So I've started working on skirmish rules. Right now they're very early, but I like the way they play and the options they give. I'll post them here as I work on them, and if someone comes along and gives them a try, I'd love to get some feedback.