There are very few Earthlings on Mars. Earthlings can be no more than one to a side, and may attach to Red Man, Green Man, Thern or First Born unit.

Jasoomian (Earthmen)

Shootin' 5+
Fightin' 4
Strength 4
Guts 3
Wounds 1
Attacks 1
Pluck 3
Fame 0
Fortune 0
Move 12
Cost 10


An Earthling comes with a Dagger, Short sword and a Long Sword. S/he may select these additional items for the following cost:

Radium PistolTanpi 5
Radium RifleTanpi 10
ThoatTanpi 25


Their earthly muscles endow them with stupendous strength on Barsoom's lower gravity. Already reflected in the Move value, a Jasoomian does not have to make rolls for jump tests of less than 20 feet (4"/10cm).