An Okarian unit must take at least 3 models, and at most 15. The number allowed is listed in parenthesis next to each type of fighter. The exception is the Green Men, of which you may recruit any number. At least one model must be a Leader.

Okarian (Yellow Man)

Shootin' 4+
Fightin' 5
Strength 3
Guts 3
Wounds 1
Attacks 1
Pluck 4
Fame 0
Fortune 0
Move 6
Cost 15


The Okarian come with two swords, a dagger & a small shield. One of the two blades is hooked. They may select these additional items for the following cost:

Radium PistolTanpi 5
Radium RifleTanpi 10

Hooked Blade

If an Okarian fails to wound, he may re-roll. The re-roll is final.

If the opponent is equipped with an Okarian Shield, or is using a second weapon, this rule does not apply.