of old


Rules Modifications

These rules are based on Warhammer Historical's Legends of the Old West (LotOW), which in turn are based on Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings (LotR). These games are no longer in print, although copies can be found on ebay. A quick note about coorelating stats.

Lord of the Rings Legends of the Old West
Fight Fightin’
Shoot Shootin'
Strength Strength
Defense Guts
Wounds Wounds
Actions Actions
Courage Pluck
Might Fame
Fate Fortune

I have listed the stats in this document to reflect LotOW, since that is the ruleset I have and use.

These rules only supercede the rules given in LotOW. That ruleset is required to use these documents. Where specific rules from LotOW are called out, I will include a page number, but I won't spell out the rule explicitly.

Creating a unit

Unit will typically be of a single race. There may be specific scenarios that allow a mixed unit, but in general Barsoomian units do not mix. Each race has specific requirements to make up a unit, generally one model is designated a leader, and other models are added to support him/her.

There are two types of Warbands that can be created, Villianous or Heroic. Certain characters cannot join every Warband. The character will specify if it is Heroic or Villianous.