A New Projection Tower

My old projection tower was a cube. My projector sat on the top, and my computer said in the bottom. It was a pretty good solution, worked fine in California, because, well, the weather is better there. It fell apart last week, so I had to build a new one. That’s what I have so… Continue reading A New Projection Tower

Screen Update

I spent the last couple of weeks doing maintenance on the screen. Last week I filled some cracks that had developed with a paintable silicon sealer, and I left that to dry. This weekend, I painted the screen, both the flat front and I refreshed the black of the frame. Of course, last month I… Continue reading Screen Update

Screen Making: Texas

When we moved to Texas, we had more space to take advantage of. I decided to build a permanent screen. We’ve gone through three iterations of our screen in Texas. V1 is made with electrical tubing, from which I hung blackout cloth as a screen. This was difficult to put up and store, but it… Continue reading Screen Making: Texas

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