Probably down for a while

Obviously, it’s a different world now than even 1 month ago.

So it looks like we’re going to be closed until at LEAST July. Texas is projections put our peak hospitalizations around the beginning of May, and it doesn’t look like thinks will cool off for a while after that.

And of course, afterwords we will still have to be careful to prevent this from all starting over again.

So, take care of yourself.

Thank you Texas panic-buying!

Sliders courtesy Covid-19

Well, when we stopped into the market last night, the peepers had taken everything but the copper in the walls and some burger meat. We had been meaning to try it, so we thought we’d attempt sliders.

I was a little dubious before they were cooked, they didn’t look great.

Happy to report my doubts were without justification. They are great!!

Teenagers: From Outer Space!!!

Tonight we’re going to have our technical run (i.e., we’re dragging the equipment out of storage to make sure it all works before we begin the real season), and I decided to change up the showing a little. We’re going to run Teenagers from Outer Space

I know this is a ‘bad’ movie, but it is an astounding piece of work nonetheless. David Love (the director) has in interesting history, which includes taking out a couple of ads in Variety to declare his divinity.

No really, he said he was God. Not ‘a’. ‘The’.

We’ll be starting around sunset. We normally stock up the snack bar, but due to recent stupidity we only have a bag of chips and some guacamole.

So just come out and watch a movie about giant lobsters made by God. It’ll be fun.


The Birdcage – Delayed Again!!

Williams & Lane

I know we did the whole Lucy VanPelt thing last weekend. I know you were all ready to see the Birdcage, and we snatched that movie out of your grasp the last second.

You really thought we were going to let you kick that ball??

I didn’t verify that there weren’t birthdays. There is a birthday, and so we’re delaying the moving another week.

It’s completely my fault. So when you come over Oct 5, you can give me grief.

Next weekend. Saturday. We promise.

The Birdcage

Based on Le cage aux folles, I personally think the Birdcage is one of those rare movies where the remake is better.

Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are just darling, to use the vernacular, and Gene Hackman as the uptight politician is spot on.

So come as you are and watch the Birdcage with us this Saturday.