The Birdcage – Delayed Again!!

Williams & Lane

I know we did the whole Lucy VanPelt thing last weekend. I know you were all ready to see the Birdcage, and we snatched that movie out of your grasp the last second.

You really thought we were going to let you kick that ball??

I didn’t verify that there weren’t birthdays. There is a birthday, and so we’re delaying the moving another week.

It’s completely my fault. So when you come over Oct 5, you can give me grief.

Next weekend. Saturday. We promise.

The Birdcage

Based on Le cage aux folles, I personally think the Birdcage is one of those rare movies where the remake is better.

Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are just darling, to use the vernacular, and Gene Hackman as the uptight politician is spot on.

So come as you are and watch the Birdcage with us this Saturday.

Sleepless in Seattle

I made the mistake of asking my family what they wanted to watch this weekend.

They started talking about the movie, you know where he says, and she says, and they end up on the Empire State Building, and they all started crying.

So this Saturday, we’ll be watching Sleepless in Seattle. Come watch it with us!

Ocean’s Eleven

I was very excited about this weekend.

My plan was to show Teenagers from Outer Space. A Science Fiction passion project by Tom Graeff. Teenage aliens with ray guns that turn people into display skeletons, and giant lobsters, ahem, gargons. How can it be better?

As I sat down to dinner with my lovely family I was informed, no, we are not watching Teenagers From Outer Space.


We’re watching Ocean’s Eleven.

Recognizing that I was hopelessly outnumbered, I retreated.

So this weekend, we’ll be running Ocean’s Eleven.

Without any Gargons.

Come out and see the movie with us.

No gargons.