Shark Tale

Because we all need to come to terms with our self-image, this Saturday 10 April, we will be screening Shark Tale.

This was Dreamworks answer to Finding Nemo. Instead of a heartfelt story about an adult coming to terms with sadness, death and loss, we have the story of a self-obsessed teenager.

Still, I have some really good work in this movie, and my super pitched some of my ideas to the directors and they let us do some fun work. Come watch it with us and maybe I’ll show you one of my best shots that was cut from the movie.

Hello 2021.

Last year, just about all we managed to do was to do the tech run in March. And then the curtain fell.

This year, we will be running again.

Robin is back, and I’ve added some long-wanted atmospheric lights to the screen. We’ll probably have a tech run in a couple of weeks, and then we’ll start showing again.

What would you like to see?

My personal preferences lean towards some Harold Lloyd, Laurel and Hardy, and some bizarre Euro-Art film, but I’m betting we’ll also run some cartoons and a couple of Marvel flicks here and there.

I’d like to do another Star Wars ’77 run, maybe May would be a good time for that.

And if you’re still keeping track of our schedule on Facebook, you might want to move over to the website (Big Sky Backyard Theater) or keep an eye on the Twitter feed (@belairebackyard).

Probably down for a while

Obviously, it’s a different world now than even 1 month ago.

So it looks like we’re going to be closed until at LEAST July. Texas is projections put our peak hospitalizations around the beginning of May, and it doesn’t look like thinks will cool off for a while after that.

And of course, afterwords we will still have to be careful to prevent this from all starting over again.

So, take care of yourself.

Thank you Texas panic-buying!

Sliders courtesy Covid-19

Well, when we stopped into the market last night, the peepers had taken everything but the copper in the walls and some burger meat. We had been meaning to try it, so we thought we’d attempt sliders.

I was a little dubious before they were cooked, they didn’t look great.

Happy to report my doubts were without justification. They are great!!


Well, thanks to local panic buying, we decided we would try sliders made from BeyondMeat(tm).

So far, it’s been … interesting.

You know, that’s what test run movie night is all about. Trying things out.

But we’ll cook it up and report back.

Teenagers: From Outer Space!!!

Tonight we’re going to have our technical run (i.e., we’re dragging the equipment out of storage to make sure it all works before we begin the real season), and I decided to change up the showing a little. We’re going to run Teenagers from Outer Space

I know this is a ‘bad’ movie, but it is an astounding piece of work nonetheless. David Love (the director) has in interesting history, which includes taking out a couple of ads in Variety to declare his divinity.

No really, he said he was God. Not ‘a’. ‘The’.

We’ll be starting around sunset. We normally stock up the snack bar, but due to recent stupidity we only have a bag of chips and some guacamole.

So just come out and watch a movie about giant lobsters made by God. It’ll be fun.


Test Run, Saturday March 14

We’re going to set up the theater March 14 just to make sure everything’s working. I’m considering running my favorite Laurel and Hardy film, Sons of the Desert. We probably won’t have a lot of fancy setup for concessions, but if you want to pop over, we’d be happy to see you.

Show should start about 7:30ish.

2020, the year before we make contact

I know it’s only February, but I’m already planning on the next season. I’m doing some cleaning and maintenance tasks this weekend, and if we get a warm day soon I may try a dry run.

Are there any suggestions for movies to show this year?

Winter is here…

Or at least enough winter that we’re at the end of the season. So I’ll be wrapping up equipment and doing maintenance until next year.

If I don’t see you, have a nice Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, or whatever set of holidays you prefer.

Nightmare Before Christmas

This Saturday, October 19, we’ll be showing Nightmare Before Christmas before Halloween.

This might be our last showing for the year, we’ll have to see how the weather plays out.

I hope you can find your way out to help us close out the year!

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