June 18

We’re planning a movie night, but we haven’t picked a movie yet.

We’re considering

Last Night in Soho: I am a big fan of Edgar Wright from the the second shot of the walk to the corner store in Shaun of the Dead. He is probably the greatest living director, and you should watch his films. That said, I haven’t watched this one yet, so that’s new.

The Darjeeling Limited: Not my favorite Anderson film (which is Moonrise Kingdom), but an excellent film nonetheless. Three brothers play out their relationships in an ode to Sisyphus, endlessly repeating the disfunction of their lives.

Sons of the Desert: The best Laurel and Hardy film. The boys lie to their wives about going to Hawaii for their health, when in fact they’ve gone to Chicago for a convention of the Fraternal Order of the Sons of the Desert. Needless to say, things don’t play out as they expect. This is a short film, so I’ll probably pair it with Harold Lloyd‘s An Eastern Westerner.

Labyrinth: Gaze in wonder at David Bowie’s barely restrained crotch. After the commercial disaster that was The Dark Crystal, a wounded Jim Henson turned to material that was a little more accessible.

The Rocketeer: Before there was Marvel, there was the Rocketeer. A homage to the adventure films of the 40’s, this is a busy film. And I’ve seen the actual rocket pack in person, it hangs in a warehouse on the Disney lot in Burbank.

I’m not guaranteeing that we’re going to pick one of these movies, but these are the most likely. I hope you can brave the mosquitos with us and watch a movie.

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