Revenge of the Sixth

May the Fourth is fast approaching, which is the high holy holiday of the Star Wars generation. In my town, the local cool theater is going to be showing A New Hope on Thursday. Return of the Jedi is also screening in theaters here until May 4th. That leaves poor Empire Strikes Back, arguably the… Continue reading Revenge of the Sixth


A decision has been made. June 18th, we’ll be watching Labyrinth. After The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson was depressed. The film had not done well with critics or audiences. He wanted next film to be more commercially accessible, and at some point decided he wanted more relatable central characters. How he thought that David Bowie… Continue reading Labyrinth

June 18

We’re planning a movie night, but we haven’t picked a movie yet. We’re considering Last Night in Soho: I am a big fan of Edgar Wright from the the second shot of the walk to the corner store in Shaun of the Dead. He is probably the greatest living director, and you should watch his… Continue reading June 18