Hello 2021.

Last year, just about all we managed to do was to do the tech run in March. And then the curtain fell.

This year, we will be running again.

Robin is back, and I’ve added some long-wanted atmospheric lights to the screen. We’ll probably have a tech run in a couple of weeks, and then we’ll start showing again.

What would you like to see?

My personal preferences lean towards some Harold Lloyd, Laurel and Hardy, and some bizarre Euro-Art film, but I’m betting we’ll also run some cartoons and a couple of Marvel flicks here and there.

I’d like to do another Star Wars ’77 run, maybe May would be a good time for that.

And if you’re still keeping track of our schedule on Facebook, you might want to move over to the website (Big Sky Backyard Theater) or keep an eye on the Twitter feed (@belairebackyard).

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