Screen Update

I spent the last couple of weeks doing maintenance on the screen.

Last week I filled some cracks that had developed with a paintable silicon sealer, and I left that to dry.

This weekend, I painted the screen, both the flat front and I refreshed the black of the frame.

Of course, last month I had to go out and repair the left hand support for the screen. It had cracked right at the point where the support met the screen. I didn’t replace the leg, but I basically spliced it with two more 2×4’s.

On the whole, I’m very happy with the screen, and I hope that it holds up better through the next season.

New, stronger supports.

Screen Making: Texas

When we moved to Texas, we had more space to take advantage of. I decided to build a permanent screen.

We’ve gone through three iterations of our screen in Texas.

V1 is made with electrical tubing, from which I hung blackout cloth as a screen. This was difficult to put up and store, but it was our biggest screen.

V2 is solid construction. I used 3/8″ ply for the screen, because I was concerned about weight. It started warping almost immediately.

V3 is 1/2″ ply, and is the biggest I’ve ever made. It’s heavy (the whole family on pulleys was needed to put it up). It’s heavy enough that in some of our more aggressive weather, one of the legs failed. I spliced a support onto it rather than replace the leg outright, and it’s a much more stable structure.

You can also see here the sound system. I installed new speakers into old cleaned up drive-in cases, and wired that up. They’re tied in using large audio jacks, so I can pull them in off season.


Ponyo in Burbank was our best attended screening ever. This was a great night, and we loved our cozy back yard.


I’ve been using Facebook for years as a low maintenance way to update people on what’s going on with our backyard theater.

That’s going to change.

My plan is to push more of the updates here to the site. I’m tired of being the product at Facebook, so I’m trying to take back my life.

I plan on posting upcoming movies and dates here, as well as the odd article about what I’m doing, and possibly even take polls on what to show.