Next Week: MANK


Next week we will be following up last weeks’ screening of Citizen Kane with Mank. This is the story of Herman Mankiewicz, known as Mank to his friends, and how he wrote the screenplay for the boy genius Welles.

Like Citizen Kane, this story is presented in a non-linear narrative, hopping around through the life of Mank as through his years in the studio system. It’s a story of powerful men and how they abuse that power to satisfy their own needs.

I really enjoyed this film, and frankly would have like to have seen it win the Oscar this year. I hope you can come out and watch it with us.

The screening after this will be on the 22nd, and we’re going to be showing the 1977 print of Star Wars. You’ll be able to relive the glory of grain, camera weave and less than perfect projection technology just like we did when a story from long ago and far away was presented for the first time.

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